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So Close To 400 Staff Members Giving You A 4th Weekly Release & 60 Bonus Releases January 1st!by Doctor Tampa

Posted on Tue, 28 December 2021

Hope everyone had a happy holiday season and a Merry Christmas!

BIG THANK YOU to all those who have stayed subscribed and those who have signed back up! As of this email we only need 21 more staff members before the ball drops to unlock 60 new releases on on New Years Day! That's 30 hours of brand new movies released January 1st on top of unlocking a 4th weekly release on CaptiveClinic, Doctor-Tampa, and GirlsGoneGyno!

Every staff member that can login is counted, regardless of discounted/cancelling memberships. The current total is being displayed on the right side of all 3 websites and is being updated multiple times each day! If you were a member of only 1 site and signed up for a 2nd site, yes, you are being counted twice! About 3500 people are receiving this email. About 3100 are not current staff members. Just 21 of you need to step back into my kinky clinic in the next 4 days. This means 400 staff members is easily achievable with your support!

Thank you to those who emailed to tell me Doctor-Tampa and GirlsGoneGyno were not updating. Both sites had actually updated, but the updates had release dates of 10/28/21 for all segments of that movie. Strangers In The Night with Rina Arem (DT) and Human Guinea Pigs with Ava Siren (GGG) have actually been posted IN FULL for over 2 weeks with the wrong 10/28/21 date.

Why did this happen? As my developer continues to roll out my master plan, BuyMyMovies will become 1 central portal for my PA to upload/post/manage movies instead of 3 separate sites. From BMM each movie will automatically be transferred out to each website and automatically scheduled for release. Basically, BMM will control all websites. In doing this we needed to be able to set up 2 release dates. One for BMM and a 2nd date for CC/DT/GGG. As he developed automating this process, I still had to make sure updates came out. So I just launched the movies in full with the BMM release date. I tried to change the release date manually once the videos transferred to DT and GGG, but every hour when the sites sync, my updated date was overwritten and the movies moved back to BMM’s 10/28/21 release date. But as of today he finished my unusual request and the movies are showing their correct date! Unfortunately for those who didn’t see the full movies, you’ll just have to wait and see as they come out over the next week!

Speaking of BuyMyMovies, we’re working to post my ENTIRE movie catalog to BMM at the same 40% discounted price! This should be taking place in January alongside a TON of new releases on BMM including the 1st GuysGoneGyno male patient movies featuring myself as the patient!!!

Don’t forget is on sale until January 1st for $19.99/month! 

I’ll send out an email on December 31st with updated membership numbers, but I have my fingers crossed that I’ll be emailing you to let you know we’ve reached 400 staff members in our kinky clinic! Thank you all for your continued support because I have even bigger plans for 2022!

-Doctor Tampa